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Opus One isn't a software house, but our staff and partners have produced a number of software packages which may solve a specific problem you've got. These include:

  • POPPASSWD - A password changing program for OpenVMS designed to be used with Eudora's (non)standard password changing menu. Available in freeware and commercial versions.

  • VNEWS - A freeware OpenVMS news reader

  • STORM - A package of products designed to protect large corporate email systems connected to the Internet

  • Filter Channel - A set of email filter channels for large mail backbones designed to help end-users and network managers control email

  • FORUM - A conferencing system for OpenVMS

  • RADIUS - A freeware version of the Livingston Enterprises accounting and authorization package, ported to OpenVMS. (A commercial version is also available.)

  • MULTINET-LZ - A freeware set of additions to MultiNet's FTP server which enable on-the-fly LZW data compression

  • Enhanced TRACEROUTE - A freeware extended version of the standard Traceroute program for Unix, OpenVMS, and other architectures (also available: OpenVMS extensions to Enhanced Traceroute to use standard OpenVMS command syntax)

  • Fix Navigation Bar - A freeware tool to fix the navigation bar created by DEC Document in writing HTML files, such as the PMDF documentation kit.

Opus One believes in the concept of freeware and of giving back to the community which has given us so much. Thus, almost all of our software is free or is available in a freeware version. If you are willing to put a little elbow grease into the software, it's all there. On the other hand, if you want some help integrating our software at your enterprise, we know more about it than anyone else!

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