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Our state-of-the-art network testing facility has been used by both manufacturers and buyers to go beyond marketing hype and put substance into a product evaluation. Opus One labs are one of the most respected and well-known testing facilities in the US. We provide testing and evaluation for:

  • Technology buyers who want the best product to fit their needs;
  • Software and hardware manufacturers who want to shake out the bugs before the product hits the streets; and
  • Magazines who want to provide the best unbiased information and product testing to their readers.

Past projects include:

  • Performance evaluations of routers, WWW servers, and email systems;

  • Design validation testing of network communications equipment such as remote access servers, network switches, protocol analyzers and probes;

  • Exhaustive pre-release product testing of network software, application servers, and embedded systems;

  • Pre-purchase product qualification and recommendation on network software, application servers, modems, and access servers;

  • Product comparison and review of dozens of different network software and hardware products as well as servers, security systems, and VPNs; and

  • Security penetration testing of firewalls.

Many Opus One product reviews have appeared in leading industry publications.

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