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Opus One's® experienced staff offers a wide variety of products and services to our clients, including:

  • Standard consulting services for large and medium-sized organizations in the areas of networks, MIS, databases, and data warehousing;

  • An impressive array of training courses and very experienced instructors available;

  • Software products for networks, electronic mail systems, and security;

  • Writing and editing services that have produced over 100 articles, white papers, and product reviews for organizations and the trade press; and

  • The Opus One Labs, which provides independent reviews and evaluation of network products in a state-of-the-art testing facility.

You can also find out more about Opus One's staff, special competencies, as well as our standard terms and conditions for consulting projects. If you want to see what kinds of companies have hired Opus One consultants, go to our client list. To learn about some of the projects we have worked on over the past year or so, go to the project list.


The core of Opus One's work is consulting. We can bring a professional and efficient team to bear on immediate problems, help develop long term strategies, and offer our decades of experience to put networking, information technologies, and the Internet to work for you. (See a list of clients or projects as well.)

It's just as important for you to know what Opus One is not. Opus One is not a "Big Six"-style consulting company designed to suck dollars out of your budgets in exchange for a lot of happy talk. Opus One does not run with a high overhead, excess full-time employees, and padded budgets. Opus One is not going to try and sell you services you don't need and products that don't work. Opus One doesn't sell other people's software and it doesn't sell hardware. Opus One does not accept commissions or kickbacks. Opus One is not a body shop.

So what is Opus One and what do we do? Our consultants have a wide variety of talents, but we tend to focus on five areas of special expertise:


Special emphasis on building large networks. Our experience in TCP/IP, X.25, OSI protocols, and Digital DECnet goes back to 1980. We have worked in almost every network environment conceivable, ranging from the design and implementation of real-time protocols for traffic control to the migration of a 50,000 node network from DECnet to TCP/IP.

Electronic Mail

Especially "enterprise" electronic mail and groupware. Since 1985, Opus One consultants have installed dozens of corporate electronic mail networks, including ones designed to handle a million messages a day. Our experience, depth of understanding, and relationships with the major email vendors gives us a powerful set of tools for any email project.


Particularly in networked environments. Although we are not cryptographers, we have an excellent grasp of the theory and practice behind contemporary security systems, and our experience with them stretches back to 1982. Our strength is in securing the network, and we have installed firewalls and conducted penetration tests around the world.


Especially data warehousing. Our consultants bring years of rich experience with them, not just at making your existing database go faster but at building responsive and useful database applications. Opus One's database expertise began in 1984, and our consultants have worked with all major products in the field. With strategic partnerships, we can offer system design and implementation from a single-user Microsoft Access database to a multi-gigabyte data warehousing and data mining system.


Opus One consultants were on the Internet before it was called the Internet, starting in 1981. We're not out to make a quick buck on the Internet craze by coding WWW pages. We help you maximize the value of your Internet connection by building in the support, the image, the security, and the reliability appropriate to your organization.

Opus One consultants are accustomed to working independently and with little supervision, as they bring a great deal of expertise to the table. If you'd like, you can hear a typical client describing project requirements to us.

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