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STORM (RT) - Real Time Response to Email Load

Opus One's STORM product works with Innosoft's PMDF, Sun's SIMS, and iPlanet's iMS software to provide a real-time email storm and bomb avoidance facility. The goal of STORM is to slow the flow of "bad" mail through the email backbone while letting "good" mail flow into the backbone at the fastest rate possible.

STORM detects and reacts to storms and bombs by "pushing back" on the sending email system. This puts the burden of dealing with the bomb on the sending email system manager, rather than on the RT system manager.

STORM can be combined with the Opus One Filter Channel for maximum protection and flexibility.

STORM was created by Opus One software engineers.

Availability and Status
STORM is available under license from Opus One. Contact us for more information on how to protect your network.

STORM has been tested in demanding environments and is fully supported in a load-sharing VMS cluster. STORM also runs on Solaris and Digital Unix.

STORM is fully Y2K compliant.

Mass Email is a presentation from Opus One's library which looks at the problem of unsolicited commercial email and some of the potential solutions. Potential users of RT/STORM may want to review this for background information on the topic.

An on-line manual is available.

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