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POPPASSWD is a password changer for POP users. The POPPASSWD protocol was first included into Eudora by Steve Dorner as a way to let users who have no other access to a mail server change their password. It's not a particularly brilliant package, but it does solve a distinct problem that non-shell users have.

Created by Joel Snyder (Opus One) and Ehud Gavron (WetWork).

Availability and Status
A freeware version of the POPPASSWD daemon (v2.1) is available, courtesy of Dave Sims of Schlumberger. A newer version (v2.3) is also available which has additional features, including breakin detection, password expiration support, and breakin avoidance and tighter integration with the VMS security subsystem. You can read the release notes and contact us if you'd like to license it for your site.

POPPASSWD is also built into Innosoft's PMDF package, so if you have PMDF, you probably don't need this.

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