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Enhanced TRACEROUTE is a greatly enhanced version of the standard Unix-style TRACEROUTE program. It was developed to meet the needs of hardcore TCP/IP debuggers.

The origins of traceroute are deep and dark; consult the source code to see the dozens of individuals who have assisted in building it. Most of the additions in Enhanced Traceroute were added by Ehud Gavron of WetWork.

Availability and Status
The definitive location for Enhanced Traceroute is on WetWork' FTP server. If WetWork is unavailable or if the file has moved, you can get a fairly current version (it doesn't change that often) from Opus One's FTP server. Make sure to get the readme file (WetWork or Opus One) and the FAQ (WetWork or Opus One) as well.

You can see Enhanced Traceroute in action on the Opus One WWW server.

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