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Contact Information

If you'd like to contact us, send mail to our technical support team. If you have a sales question, support will redirect it to the appropriate sales team member. You can also connect directly with our staff. We can also be reached in less technological ways at:

Opus One
1404 East Lind Road
Tucson, Arizona 85719
+1 520 324 0494 (voice)
+1 520 324 0495 (FAX)
If you would like to see the weather in Tucson, click here. If you would like to see what the weather is like in the Opus One offices, you can get an extended chart or current information (takes about 8 seconds to load as it gathers data, so be patient).

Birth of Opus One

Opus One was founded when the consulting company that Joel Snyder ran got a letter from a lawyer claiming that Joel's company name infringed on the rights of someone else who was already doing business under that name. That stirred things up. Joel had been consulting since 1981, but never as an organized company. The stakes were getting too high to just hang out a shingle and do consulting projects; something more formal was needed. Opus One, the corporate entity, was born.

Although he had worked with other consultants on several projects under the Opus One name, it wasn't until 1995 that Opus One got its second full-time helping hand in the form of Jan Trumbo. Together, Jan and Joel handle two-thirds of the consulting work of Opus One with five other part-time staff together handling the rest.

Opus One has always had an Internet connection. Opus One has also always had a non-stop computing center. When the Internet market began to heat up, Opus One spun off its Internet Services into a separate entity and made them available to the Tucson community.

Opus One consulting services got that pesky ® trademark in 1996, so please don't take our name in vain.

What Opus One is Not

Opus One is not related in any way to the winery Opus One, although we hope to meet the same quality standards in our business as they do in theirs. If you truly want to ingratiate yourself to Opus One® Consulting, (or are searching for that perfect gift to thank us), send a bottle or two of Opus One wine our way.

Opus One is not related in any way to the penguin character "Opus" in the comic strip Bloom County by Berke Breathed, although it would be nice if our sense of humor were as good as Breathed's.

Opus One is also not connected to the fine wine bar and restaurant in Lucerne, although we suggest you look them up if you're ever in the neighborhood: Bahnhofstrasse 16, 6003 Luzern, +41 226 41 41. Opus One partners also do not frequent the hair salon in Marlow, near London, called Opus One. And if Chad Stewart hadn't screwed up, we'd have a picture of the place to show you.

Similarly, neither Opus One nor any of its partners owns the Volkswagen with license plate "OPUS1" seen roaming around Copenhagen, although if you know who does, we'd love to find out.

Opus One is not related to the Opus One restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, although it is true that their highly unethical or incompetent web designer did try to steal our domain name from us. The scumbags (or moron, depending on whether they want to be incompetent or unethical). No one here has ever eaten there, so we're not sure if the restaurant is incompetent, unethical, or not. I suspect not; they have a pretty good wine list.

We are also not named after any of a series of fine Jazz pieces incorporating the words "Opus" and "One" in their names.

Finally, Opus One is not stuffy, as this picture of our senior partners shows.

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