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Fix Navigation Bar (

Fix Navigation Bar ( is a PERL script which fixes the navigation bar in DEC Document HTML output. It walks through all HTM/HTML files in a directory and updates the navigation bar.

Normally, DEC Documnent puts a navigation bar at the top and bottom of each HTML document. However, the navigation bar at the TOP of the document only has the "Previous" and "Contents" buttons. At the BOTTOM of the document is a much more useful navigation bar which has "Previous," "Contents," and "Next."

This program attempts to find the top and bottom navigation bars. If it finds both, then it replaces the old top navigation bar with a copy of the bottom navigation bar. This gives you the "Next" button at the top as well, which is MUCH more useful.

Joel Snyder, Opus One

Availability and Status
Fix Navigation Bar ( is available at the Opus One FTP server. Full instructions for running are in the source code. You will have to provide a PERL interpreter yourself.

This is especially useful for fixing Innosoft's PMDF documentation.

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