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MULTINET-LZ is an add-on to TGV/Cisco/Process MultiNet which adds on-the-fly LZW compression to the FTP client and server. Depending on the speed of your server and of your network link, this can tremendously improve performance of FTPs.

The problem is the LZW is covered by a patent, and so you may only use this software if you have the proper license from Unisys.

No one's sure who wrote it. I got it from Ehud and he may have gotten it from someone else, maybe a ULC minister or something.

Availability and Status
Available via anonymous FTP as a VMS SHARE save set (save as LZ.COM and then execute).

Get it; unpack it; $ @BUILD and then $ @INSTALL. Follow the directions for what you have to do to your SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM file.

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