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An Introduction to TCP/IP Programming

This course describes the socket library functions and data structures for developing TCP/IP applications. Practical examples are presented and students will write their own TCP/IP sockets-based applications. Troubleshooting and debugging techniques are also presented.

A variation of this course specific to the OpenVMS environment, including TGV/Cisco/Process Software's MultiNet, UCX routines, and the OpenVMS $QIO calling standard is also available.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals for writing TCP/IP applications
  • TCP/IP socket library routines
  • TCP and UDP programming techniques for robust applications
  • Troubleshooting techniques

Topics to be covered include:

  • Overview of TCP/IP
    • IP Addressing
    • Layering
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • Ports, Sockets and Socket Pairs
    • Berkeley socket programming
      • Data structures
      • Library routines
    • Library routines
      • Resolving domain name to IP address
      • Resolving protocol or port name to a number
      • Set up socket structure
      • Forming connections
      • Sending and receiving data
      • Server setup
      • Client setup
    • Practical TCP/IP programming examples
    • Techniques for troubleshooting

Class length

  • 1 day (or more)


  • Systems Programmers
  • Network Managers
  • System Managers


  • Basic networking concepts
  • C programming experience

Additional Information

  • An older version of the presentation for this class is available from Opus One's library in the Presentations pages.

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