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If you need help with some software you found on this site, or if you want to comment on an article or presentation you found here, write to our support line: support@opus1.com. We generally don't have the time to support the freeware here, but we'll do what we can to help. If you have bug fixes or other suggestions, send those along as well.

If you want to reprint or otherwise reuse anything from this site, please send us email with your request. If we have the copyright on something, we'll generally be able to give you permission to use it. But beware: we do not have the right to grant reprint status for many of the articles here. Nevertheless, we can probably link you up with the copyright owner who can help.

Internet and Network Services

Our library of technical support material is generally filed in the Internet section of this web site. If you have a problem connecting your computer to the Opus One network, you probably should check over there.


Generally, your best bet for technical support for consulting issues is going to be via electronic mail. You should start by writing directly to the staff member who is your main point of contact. However, if you don't get a response (or if you know that your contact is out of town), you can use our general support line. The support@opus1.com address is read frequently by multiple staff members and can get you help if you're under pressure.

If you have a serious problem, such as a down system, you can also send mail to the Opus One "urgent" address. Unfortunately, because of the spam problem on the Internet, we are not giving this address verbatim. Instead, you're going to have to type in urgent at Opus1.COM. Mail send to "urgent" will go to an alphanumeric pager, so be brief. If you want to supply details, send them at the same time to the support mailbox.

You can also try and call Opus One on the phone or send a FAX. This is generally a bad idea. Our consultants read their electronic mail much more often than they listen to their voice mail. And, telephones are notoriously poor ways to describe complex problems. FAXes are the worst: if the person you want to talk to is not in Tucson, he or she has no way of seeing what you're sending. Call us at +1 520 324 0494 or FAX us at +1 520 324 0495.

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