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When you look at pages on the Opus One WWW site, your computer sends us certain private information about your computer system and networking configuration, including the software version of your WWW browser, the URL you typed in to see us, the page you were at just before you saw us, and the IP address your computer is using.

In addition, the aggregation of information about you, including the pages you view and their contents, as well as the time of day you see our pages, can allow us to infer additional private information.

Our systems automatically capture all of this information, private or not, and maintain it in log files for a variety of purposes. Although these log files are not generally available over the Internet, we do not consider the information in them to be particularly sensitive and thus we do not take any precautions against releasing that information. In addition, when we take part in certain surveys, our log files are made available to third parties for statistical purposes.

Therefore, if you feel that this information is confidential or valuable, you should not read pages on the Opus One servers.

Personal Information

Opus One does not collect personal information through its WWW sites. We do not ask for your real name, address, telephone number or other confidential information. Because we do not gather this information about you personally, it cannot be exposed to third parties.

Some of Opus One's clients may have WWW sites which do ask for personal information. These sites are not under our direct control and what they do with this information is also not under our direct control. If you are asked for personal information on a WWW site which has a URL with "opus1.com" in it, you are probably not at an Opus One web page and you should consider the implications of releasing this information before you transmit it over the web. If you need help contacting the author of a web page with "opus1.com" in the URL, send us email. If you are unsure about who controls the information you are about to disclose, send us email.

Electronic Mail

Any email stored on our servers is considered private. We will not read it nor will we share it with anyone. However, if you specifically ask for email support from Opus One, we may look at your messages to help you solve your problem. Generally, we can solve problems by looking only at header information (the length, source, destination, and subject line of your messages), but sometimes we may have to look at the content. You should be aware of this possibility when you ask us for help with your stored email.

If you send electronic mail through Opus One's servers, information about your mail message may be logged including the source and destination addresses, the length, and the subject line of your message. We treat this information as confidential and protect it. Generally, only Opus One system managers have access to this information. We may share electronic mail log information with other system managers when we are trying to solve problems related to electronic mail.

Information in Transit

As you use the Internet, you may have very personal and confidential information pass through the Opus One network. This information could be in electronic mail messages, on-line chats, www pages, FTP transfers, or virtual terminal sessions. This information might include data such as your credit card numbers, private and personal correspondence, and business trade secrets.

Some of this information, particularly email, may be stored on Opus One servers and backup tapes for a period of time, perhaps even indefinitely.

Opus One does not generally log or keep information as it passes through our network. Opus One also protects its networks and systems---to the best of our abilities---against unauthorized access. However, as part of normal network maintenance and debugging, Opus One staff may have access to information as it passes through our networks or systems. You should not send any unencrypted information through our networks which absolutely cannot be disclosed to any third party.

Exceptions to the Above

Although Opus One strongly believes in the security and privacy of any information stored on our systems or passing through our network, we also operate in the United States. This means that we may be forced to give information to law enforcement personnel because a judge orders it. If we are ordered to release your private information, we will make every attempt to notify you that this has happened (unless we are prohibited from doing so by the order). We will also try and give you the opportunity to challenge such an order. However, we are very very small business, and we are not in the business of setting legislative precedent, which means that we will not be funding a defense battle on behalf of your privacy.
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