Utility Encrypts AppleTalk Data

Joel Snyder

Atemi Software's NightShade foils eavesdroppers by encrypting data on AppleTalk networks. NightShade is the first software-only product that automatically and transparently encrypts all Mac-to-Mac AppleTalk traffic.

NightShade protects all AppleTalk applications, including AppleShare and System 7 file sharing. Network data is encrypted using the DES (data encryption standard) or Triple DES algorithms, or NightShade's own encryption system, designed for minimal impact on network performance. Macintoshes running NightShade can still communicate with unprotected systems.

For one user, NightShade lists for $199 for Atemi's encryption scheme, $99 for DES, and $99 for Triple DES. A two-user Apple Remote Access pack, priced at $399, includes all three encryption approaches. Volume discounts are available. The company expects to ship versions for Novell's NetWare for Macintosh, IPX, and TCP/IP in April. Atemi Software, 217/352-3688.

April 1995, page: 153
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